Enhance your stay at Zion National Park with yoga. Our private instructors offer a unique and peaceful experience at our Deep Canyon Spa or at the top of our labyrinth mountain overlook.

Sessions starting at $99

Lotus Flower Yoga
Christine Wolken

Lotus Heart Yoga
Ellen Darger

Labyrinth Walks

“We are not Human Beings on a Spiritual Path, but Spiritual Beings on a Human Path.”

The power of walking the path of the Labyrinth is simple, orderly, and relaxing. Stop, quiet the mind, and breathe deeply at the entrance. Begin to walk slowly, following the winding path toward the center. As you walk, your body moves into a peaceful rhythm of contemplation and peace. When you reach the center, follow the same path outward. This is a time to consider what insights were received in the center of the labyrinth and how they may be applied to your life. We hope you will feel the benefits of this unique experience.


Pilates conditioning is based on improving muscle tone to address your physical needs. We offer personalized pilates instruction, during which Ellen Darger will conduct a body analysis to identify any existing weakness, imbalance, injury or limitation. Together, you will set attainable goals. She will create a customized routine to target those needs, then assist you as you begin to take steps toward improving fitness in your life.

Private Sessions starting at $99


Learn to put the footprints of your spirit-path on paper. Find a sacred place, listen, observe, and journal. Enhance your meditation with the healing sounds of the Red Flute, played by Betina Lindsey. Offering spiritual journaling in nature, Betina will guide you during a 1 ½ day workshop toward a greater sense of peace and intuition.

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